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1:1 VIP SUCCESS PATH: Business Strategy Intensive More Questions?

More Questions?

You'll find my answers to some frequently asked questions here. If there is something else that you're curious about, don't hesitate to reach out via email or the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

How does this whole thing work?

Well, let me tell you all about it!

  • You sign up right here by clicking the "Let's Do It!" button - you can either pay in full or secure your spot with a deposit (if you choose this option, your second payment is due 30 days after signing up).
  • You'll get instant access to the Let's get started module here on MemberVault.
  • You can pick the perfect time slot in the first lesson of the Let's get started module. 
  • Your pre-work begins - this wonderful time is for you to gather all the information and materials I may need on our VIP day together. Don't worry - I'll help you make this as efficient and painless as possible!
  • It's already the day of our Intensive - oh how fast time flies! This is when we come together after I have created a master plan for us based off of your completed pre-work, and we get to create results.
  • Once the half-day is over, your 30-day support period begins.
  • For the next 30 days, if you have any questions about how stuff works, you can contact me and I'll reply with a video or a written explanation. This doesn't include any tech work though - but if you need more help with that, just book another half-day and we'll get to work 😄 

How much can you get done in 3-hours?

You'll be surprised :) But here is some disclaimer: the number of things I can accomplish during the Intensive will also depend on you - this is why it's super important to fill out the pre-Intensive workbook as well as you can. This is the reason why I wouldn't recommend booking the first available time slot that you see in my calendar - book one that gives you enough time to think about and gather what you want to get done. Apart from that, it works best if you can be at your computer during our session - of course, you don't have to be chained to the thing if we aren't in a conversation at any given time, but plan to be committed to our time together. I may have you do some work while I am working on something different for a period of time. Each VIP session is different based on your specific needs and goals.

You mention pre-Intensive Voxer access - what is that all about?

The purpose of this is to make sure that we have everything in place to have the most productive half-day ever. We go through your workbook and discuss the tasks that you've listed - and if needed, I'll ask clarifying questions to make sure that I have all the info and resources I need. 

It's best to have this conversation 3-5 days before the day of the Intensive. 

However, this is not a strategy session. This is so I can collect all the information that I need ahead of time to map out the most effective strategy for our session together and so I can share with you what's possible in our time together.

You may need to choose which goals are a priority based on your business vision. Regardless you will make a huge leap forward during our time together. It's just super important that we chose where to focus in order to be most effective.

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More Questions?


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